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Over the past 12 months, the hiring of American Motorhome has been on the increase. This has been brought about by a huge restriction on funding for racing teams and a large explosion in the festival market. There are many advantages to hiring of your winnebago in order to offset the capital cost of your investment provided the hiring is done with a reputable company and an agreement is in place as to the conditions of hire and a guaranteed payment structure. May I suggest that if considering to hire your motorhome that you follow the following guidelines.

  • Check your mileage before the vehicle is collected and again when returned.
  • Where possible have the hirer collect the vehicle from your premises where you can both agree on the conditions and upon return you can check for any further misuse or breakages.
  • A reputable hirer will have no problems with paying your fees upon immediate return of your vehicle or even prior to collection.
  • Ensure your vehicle is covered for the hiring out on a commercial basis on your prized possession.
  • Your personal policy will not cover commercial hire in any way. Ensure your hirer leaves you with a copy of their policy that for the period of hire supersedes your policy.
  • There has to be a trust between you and the hirer. You both have to work together.
  • A contract that is clear and concise has to be in place.
  • Where possible have the vehicle collected from you and after the hire delivered straight back to yourselves.
  • Take pictures of the exterior and interior (as many as possible).
  • Ensure that the driver collecting your vehicle has the correct license to drive your vehicle.
  • Check that the hirer has the correct insurance policy in place as these policies are very specialised and only a few insurance companies operate in this field.

If you follow the above pointers you should stay safe and working with the right people who have a passion for what they do rather than it's a 'get rich quick' business, then hiring should offset some of your yearly running costs.

The plus side: these vehicles are vast capital investments so the idea of earning a revenue is very appealing and can be fruitful for all concerned. If the idea appeals to you then here are a few pointers. A few other points to think of are: Trust your vehicle to someone that has a good reputation in the industry and has been around for a fair few years. Several of the winnebago hire companies do in fact leave people at the events to maintain the motorhomes including servicing and emptying. This is also a good way to ensure that your vehicle is not being mistreated.

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